Falke Street Fighter 5

Who is Falke – Street Fighter V

Street fighter game series is one of the oldest and most popular action fighting genre game series. The series has launched in many parts, starting from 1987 to 2018 and all the parts became a great hit among gaming world. Street fighter series was launched and published by Capcom in 1987. Since then it was the highest grosser game series ever. In the first part of the game, the gameplay was simple yet interesting where player Ryu plays a martial artist role and second player Ken was allowed to join in the play. At that time punch and kick, the attack was the option for the player to fight with street enemies. Apart from that, there was three special power attack was an option to hit multiple enemies at one go. Earlier street fighter’s video game version was launched and with time as the technology grows there is multiple version in many platforms such as PlayStation, PC, Xbox is available now. People are enjoying the game and there is a strong fan base of street fighter is present all over the world. Meanwhile, There were many similar types of games emerged in order to give competition to Streetfighter game series but this game has a special place in fans heart. With time Steer fighter series has got significant changes and that is also a reason behind its popularity. The game has evolved with time and it always comes up with new fighters and interesting gameplay. The series used to update many new features and fighters with every session hence they got success in keeping their fan base strong.

Evolution of Streetfighter series

  • The first version was launched in 1987 where Ryu and Ken fight with many opponents of 10 countries. The version was simple but interesting and it is still one of the best classic fighter game.
  • in 1991, they launched the new version and it was first one to one fighting game in the market that allows selection of characters from a list of fighters.
  • All fighters have a special move and feature, and people just loved this gameplay. It was new and refreshing.
  • in 1995, street fighter alpha got launched which had got some set of new features and new fighters as well. Street fighter 3,4 and 5 has got many more new things for players. In which some of the fighters got discarded based on the review of users and in place of that they introduced new characters with a new set of moves.
  • The newer version was able to make an impact and got so many good reviews from all over the world. Street fighter 5 was launched in 2016 and it got the latest arcade update in 2018 with name Streetfighter Arcade edition.

who is Falke street fighter and what are some special powers she has got?

As per the tradition of street fighter game series, some new characters were introduced in Streetfighters version 5 and these characters succeded to make a place in users heart. The user always seeks for new characters and powers with the new update and street fighters series never disappoints its fan base. Abigail, Ed, F.A.N.G., Falke, G, Kage, Kolin, Laura, Manet, Necalli, Rashid and Zeku were some new face in the fifth version of the series. Falke is a brand new special character which is voiced by Sumire Uesaka for Japanese language and Kira Buckland for the English version. The character was built by Shadaloo. It was designed to be an alternative version of M. Bison. She had gone to some tough training and experiments. After that Ed rescued Falke and both of them became a member of Neo Shadaloo. And it was shown that because of the experiments and training she has got channel psycho power by her staff Harmony. Falke character got so much love from the players.

Characteristics of Falke: Street Fighter

The character of Falke was firstly introduced in Arcade version of street fighter V. Talking about the characteristics feature then Falke is shown with blonde hair colour and turquoise eye colour that really suits the character. Talking about the measurement then she has got 5 ft. 10 inches of height with a body weight of 54 kg. Blood type is shown as A and birthdate is given as 25th of May however the birthplace is still unknown. The character has Psycho power of fighting style which is treated as supreme power and evil energy. Falke loves to have milk, tea and she does watch theatre. Rivalry list of Falke includes M. Bison and Ed of course. Apart from that, the characters skill set is housekeeping, pole vaulting and cooking as well.

Each character has got some special moves in Streetfighter series and so does Falke. Because of her super Psycho power she has got some additional moves as well. Psycho Kugel, Psycho Kanonen, Psycho Feder are some special moveset that Falke has got. Pycho Shrot, Psycho Panzer, Psycho Jaeger are also listed in her skillset. If you are keen to know who is falke street fighter then you can do more research on it.

Details about Falke character

Talking about the appearance then Falke seems to be very similar to Ed because of their blonde hairstyle. Though Falke is somewhat longer than Ed. Falke appears with a unique uniform that is also somehow similar to Ed except being darker blue in colour. Falke appears with a hat which got a similar type of badge-like Ed and that makes both of them alike. She has got a turquoise eye which seems similar to her lipstick colour. She used to wear a white sleeveless dress in childhood time. Along with that, she wears a band of white colour on the head and a goggle on the head of brown colour. Overall Falke has carried a calm personality. WIth the collective nature, she is good at planning and strategy. She has become a perfectionist and the credit goes to the training in which she was involved in. She really impresses everyone by some of her unique moves and at the same time, she is a homey person who is good at cooking and other housekeeping work.

Relationship of Falke

  • As Falke was having a really tough time in Shadaloo and Ed helped him to get away from there hence two of them shares a great bond together. However, Falke’s attitude is like a older sibling in between them and she is very protective for Ed.
  • Falke is considered as replacement of Bison and after the accident of lab, she still has nightmares of bison.

Story of Falke in gameplay

Who is Falke street fighter?
What is her role? Falke does have nightmares about Bison and she had a very tough time in Shadaloo. That was the time when Ed came like a hero in Falke’s story and somehow rescued her from Shadaloo. They teamed up and started sharing a great bond together also after this incident they started a rescue operation where they start searching for other needy people like Falke who might have in trouble. After sometimes they found Neo Shadaloo and after that Falke started to notice about the inefficiency of Ed. They both are different in nature where Falke is a bit victorious and Ed starts escaping from the fight. However, when Falke was in trouble Ed saved her from the Shadaloo and there could be many such people around. With this thinking, Falke started to team up with Ed and they both started hunting together.

Fighting style and moves of Falke

Falke has a unique fighting style which is also by Eagle and it is bojutsu. You can find out more about the fighting style by doing some research. Every fighter in the series has its own styles and based on that they are assigned with some super power moves. Some moves can be inspired by other characters as well such as Falke move is somehow related to moving of Eskrima. Pscho power is something special that is the unique power of Falke.

Falke has some special psycho move using which she can be in distance of opponents. Punch botton can be used to make use of three super moves of Falke, it depends on the after releasing operation that which move will be executed by Falke. Psycho Kugel, Psycho Feder, Psycho Kanonen are three special of Falke. Along with all these, she can hit the opponent by laying on the ground. With the help of Psycho Trombe and V-skill of Falke, she can extend one of her arms and also spins the staff. With all these special moves she got, she can play the normal moves that are basics for every fighter. Falke loves to plan and then execute the things and the same she does while fighting. The character of Falke is planner and executer and that is why she has got special psycho powers. Her hard training has helped her to make herself tough.

Move List:

Psycho Kugel👊(Hold and release)
Psycho Kanonen⬇️+👊(Hold and release)
Psycho Feder(During Jump) 👊(Hold and Release)
Psycho Schneide👊👊
Psycho Schrot(During V-Trigger 1) 👊H🦶H
Psycho Panzer(During V-Trigger 1) ⬇️+👊H🦶H
Psycho Jaeger(During V-Trigger 1) (During Jump) 👊H🦶H
Psycho Strum(During V-Trigger 2) 👊H🦶H
Psycho Klinge(During V-Trigger 2) ⬇️+👊H🦶H
Critical Art: Psycho Fluegel⬇️↘️➡️⬇️↘️➡️+ 👊
Wirbel Wind (Close to Opponent) ➡️or N + 👊L🦶L
Luftstom (Close to Opponent) ⬅️+ 👊L🦶L
Windstross (Close to Opponent in air) 👊L🦶L
V-Trigger 1
Staerken 👊H🦶H
V-Trigger 2
Psycho Angriff 👊H🦶H
Psycho Trombe 👊M🦶M
Psycho Impulse (During Guard)➡️ + 👊LMH