super smash bros review

super smash bros review
Review for Super Smash Brothers

Super Smash Brothers is a fighting game for Wii U and 3DS with a roster of 49 characters from which to choose. Unlike the average fighting game, health is not lost when you hit your opponent(s) but hitting them deals a percentage of damage. The more damage you deal to your opponent(s) the farther they fly off the stage with the goal being to knock them off the stage and stop any of their attempts to return.

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With so many different characters, picking someone you are not already comfortable with can be a new learning experience. Although you will not be able to execute a perfect combo immediately, rest assured that the character has a purpose; you will have to learn the correct timing of when to use each of their skills to achieve victory. The old mechanic of guarding the edge of a stage from the previous three games has been removed, which causes more fighting to take place off the stage in mid-air. This means that players will have to improve their skills at aerial combat.

Nintendo paid close attention to detail in this fourth installment of Super Smash Brothers and successfully brought us a consistent 60 frames per second on both systems. Game play is an enjoyable experience whether you are using the native controls for either system or a GameCube controller on Wii U. The game keeps people wanting more by offering many different modes; the one called “Event Mode” makes learning a character’s moves easy because you are put in a solo or co-op adventure. Also, the different game modes have rewards that are unlocked by completing them.

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The game supports Amiibo for those who have them. They operate as custom AI opponents in that you can change their attacks, their names, and appearance. You can also have them stronger by giving them equipment, although having them fight other players does improve them as well. At max level they prove quite challenging to most people, except for perhaps highly skilled players (although sometimes even at max level, an Amiibo will make obvious mistakes and lose).

Amid all of this greatness, the game is not without flaws. A not so great game mode is present as well as one 3DS exclusive game mode. The first game mode is called Smash Tour. Four players take turns gathering things that lead up to a final battle. It turns the core of the game into extremely short matches with random components which doesn’t leave a player satisfied. The 3DS exclusive mode Smash Run has a player gather various power ups for five minutes before a final battle or competition. This would be fine, but because it is totally random a player might not have the right stats to overcome the final event.

Despite these shortcomings, Super Smash Brothers for either system is a fantastic game.