Namco Teams Up with EVO to Bring TTT2, Exclusive SC5 Content and More Cash to the Pot!

Today, we’re pleased to announce that Namco, creators of unforgettable fighting game franchises like Tekken and Soul Calibur, will be straight up be bringing the HEAT to this year’s EVO Championship event in Las Vegas.

To kick off, Namco is bringing hardware to the Rio to showcase the latest build of Tekken Tag Tournament 2. That’s right – if you’re attending Evo, you’ll have full access to try out 2011′s successor to the original tag-team smash hit that debuted over 10 years ago in big, beautiful, full-sized Japanese arcade machines.

Also joining the ride will be key members from the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 team as well as the “Project Soul” team heading up the development of Soul Calibur 5, and they’ll be on hand to discuss the latest and answer any questions you may have about these two highly anticipated games. Oh, and as an added bonus, they’ll be bringing EXCLUSIVE Soul Calibur 5 content that hasn’t been ever been seen in public – not even at E3 or Comic Con! (Soul Calibur fans, you will NOT want to miss this.)

Now, down to business. Namco knows EVO is THE spot for the world’s best Tekken players to compete for a chance at cash and glory, so they’ve upped the ante for all you Mishima heads out there. This year, they’ll be throwing an extra $5,000 cash into the pot, raising the stakes higher than ever. And because of this, we’ve decided to add Tekken 6 into the EVO Tournament Season officially, meaning that you’ll earn points if you place at the upcoming NorCal Regionals tournament and East Coast Throwdown 3 or if you placed at last weeks’ CEO tournament.

So, to wrap up: $5,000 added to the Tekken pot. Playable Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on site. Exclusive Soul Calibur 5 content. How can you beat that?

You can’t.

Register for EVO 2011 at the Rio Las Vegas today!

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