injustice 2 review

injustice 2 reviews

Injustice 2 is the sequel 2013’s Injustice: Gods Among Us. The game’s story involves a Superman who’s been driven insane by grief and taken over the world – only to be challenged by the superheroes of the main DC Universe. The sequel picks up from the end of the last game, featuring more universe-hopping and even higher stakes than before.

On a gameplay level, this game is largely built on the same bones as Mortal Kombat XL. You’ll still see brutal finishers and environmental transitions, but with the gore turned way down. This is a fighting game both for purists and for comic book fans. Netherealm is taking less of a gamble this time around, but it still seems to want to push the genre forward with a game that’s a bit different than everything else on the fighting scene.

What Looks Good

There’s a lot that looks good in Injustice 2. The look of the game has jumped up significantly, thanks to the fact that it’s a true current-gen title. Some of the new fighters look spectacular, while the old favorites look like they’ve been beefed up a bit. The new story seems suitably insane, especially if you’ve been reading the accompanying comics. This is going to be a great ride for fighting fans and for fans of the comics.

What Might Be a Problem

There are a few things in Injustice 2 that look like they might be real issues. Probably the biggest issue is going to be the gear – how well it’s balanced and how well it works is going to determine whether it’s a great idea or it’s simply something that is going to be ignored in online play. While it’s nice that the impact of this feature will be mitigated by the option to turn it off, it’s still weird to see in a fighting game.

More pertinent is the DLC plan for the game. By the week of May 5th, the first set of DLC characters was already announced. That’s right – DLC is being announced over a week before the game is released. Combined with the weird pre-order scheme and the multiple tiers of the game being sold, it looks like it won’t be the best idea to pick this one up on day one. If Injustice and Mortal Kombat X are any indication, gamers will be able to pick up a fully-featured version of the game in about a year for a fraction of the release price.

So, what’s the verdict on Injustice 2? If you liked the first game – or Mortal Kombat – you’ll probably enjoy the sequel. The crazy story seems firmly in place and it’s always going to be fun to get back to the violence of this fun house mirror version of the DCU. If you don’t want to deal with DLC or you want a game that’s got a bit more balance, though, it doesn’t look like this game will be a good fit for you.