EVO Public Service Announcement

EVO Public Service Announcement

Posted by MrWizard On June – 30 – 2010


The deadline for registering for Evo 2010 is rapidly approaching. Online registration is mandatory, so you must register before the event. This year the cutoff date for Evo 2010 online registration is July 5th, 2010, at 11:59pm pst. If you haven’t done so, register now before you forget about it over the holiday weekend.


This is especially important if you have won a EVO 2010 Seed. You STILL need to register to be awarded the seed.

Also, anyone bringing anything into the Bring Your Own Console area, that isn’t a console (Arcade machines, monitors, stream setups, pcs), Must have MrWizard’s approval to do so. Please private message him on SRK or email him at mrwizard@evo2k.com to let him know your intentions. This is to preserve the integrity of the ballroom and the power that is allowed into the breaker. You will be turned away at the event if you do not have approval.