Evo East Result

Dates: May 25 – 27
Location:   The Westin Stamford Hotel
1 Stamford Place
Stamford, Connecticut 06902
(203) 967-2222

Evo East Results

Congratulations to the Evo East qualifiers! The winners in these tournaments automatically qualify for a semi-final berth at the Evolution 2007 World Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada this August.

Marvel vs Capcom 2

1st placeSanford Kelly
2nd placeJustin Wong
3rd placeAlexandre De Sousa
4th placeBrandon De Shields
5th placeEric Arroyo
5th placeMichael Mendoza
7th placeMichael Williams
7th placeAlbert Nguyen

Capcom vs SNK 2

1st placeNestor Corchado
2nd placeJustin Wong
3rd placeArturo Sanchez
4th placeSanford Kelly
5th placeAlbert Nguyen
5th placeAlex Walbert
7th placeTony Barnhill
7th placePaul Cordeiro

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

1st placeJustin Wong
2nd placeKhang Trinh
3rd placeMatthew Daniels
4th placePaul Cordeiro
5th placeJames Sekator
5th placeBryan Simard
7th placeIldefonso Monteiro
7th placeAnthony Chang

Super Turbo

1st placePhil Burnell
2nd placeSeth Killian
3rd placeChristopher Doyle
4th placeHenry Cen
5th placeJohn Piazza
5th placeJustin Wong
7th placeDavid Doyle
7th placeNick Inabnit

Tekken 5: DR

1st placeSanford Kelly
2nd placeDarnell Griffin
3rd placeDerrick Gomez
4th placeGary Santiago
5th placeJames Leufroy
5th placeFernando Febles
7th placeSpero Gineros
7th placeAjani Moore

Super Smash

1st placeJason Zimmerman
2nd placeChristopher Szygiel
3rd placeCharles Meighen
4th placePaul Rogoza
5th placeSean Benner
5th placeDaniel Rodriguez
7th placeDavid Cambobonico
7th placeLucas Delorenzo

Virtua Fighter 5

1st placeDennis Stockwell
2nd placeRodney John
3rd placeKenny Wong
4th placeEddel Dioquino
5th placeRowell Santiago
5th placeTrevor Vanterpool Jr
7th placeHyun Supul
7th placeMartin Samputra

Guilty Gear XX Slash

1st placeTeam Chaz
2nd placeTeam Marlin
3rd placeTeam Steve Harris
4th placeTeam Josh
5th place
5th place
7th place
7th place